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Home Sweet Home

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It's Good to be Home!...


With winter upon us, i think we all find ourselves spending more time indoors. Thoughts turn to letting horses be horses and families seeking refuge within a warm home and seeking a hot cup of joe and a steamy bowl of soup. As i finish the morning chores and make my way inside, reaching for that third cup of coffee i like to peer out the window at the horses; just to make sure that all is well before i peel off all the layers of clothes that i have spent a half hour putting on. I am always amused and dumbfounded by the fact that the thermometer is at 10 degrees, there is a fresh powder of snow, and a brisk wind that is blowing..our clydes act like a bunch of elementary kids that have been cut loose for recess. They play hard as if it is spring break in Florida. They run aimlessly through and around the pastures, one chasing another only to run out of gas within the first 10 minutes. And when they pause to catch their breath and snort a burst of steam from their nose, i now know that the exhibition over ...for now and..I,..I will settle-in under the roof of a warm home and realize it's good to home!

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